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Keno Guide

Best Online Keno Guide 2019

Keno is a casino game based on the same principles as lotteries. Players choose from a set of numbers and hope that those numbers will be randomly selected by the keno machine or, in the case of video keno, the software. Payouts are based on the amount of numbers correctly chosen.

The principles of keno are pretty basic. Number selection is completely random, so playing an 80-number game gives you a 1-in-80 chance of hitting any particular number you might select. Keno is also a fairly fast game as well, so it is a good option for people who donít like the slower pace of other casino games.

This keno guide details all the most important aspects of the game. If you are new to keno, take the time to read it through before you start playing.

The History of Keno

It is generally accepted among gaming historians that keno originates from ancient China. It is believed the original Chinese game was played with 80 characters rather than numbers. Modern keno games use numbers because the Chinese characters were converted when the game eventually made its way to the US.

No one knows how old keno actually is. The earliest records suggest the modern version of the game was popularised in China sometime around 1850. By the mid-1860s, it had already made its way to the States where it became a staple of casino gambling in Texas. The game actually got its Ďkenoí name in Houston, Texas.

How Keno Is Played

If you are familiar with the lottery, you understand the basic principle of keno. A keno game consists of the numbers 1 through 80 drawn randomly by a machine or computer software. Players choose up to 20 numbers, place their wagers, and submit their tickets. They win if any of their numbers are randomly selected.

The difficult part of keno is that there are no standard payouts. Payouts are determined by the house. One establishment may pay 1:1 on a single number, 5:1 on two numbers, and 10:1 on four numbers. Another establishment may offer completely different payouts.

Casinos may also offer a variety of keno bonuses. Said bonuses can take different forms, including free cash deposits. Keno bonuses make play a little bit more enjoyable for obvious reasons.

Keno Strategies

Unlike games like roulette and blackjack, there is no viable betting strategy for keno. Thatís because the game is completely random in every aspect. Every number on the board has a 1-in-80 chance of being drawn. Therefore, experienced keno players develop strategies based on the house payout. The greater the payout, the more the player is willing to risk.

Interestingly enough, it is not uncommon for high rollers to create a strategy based on a combination of house payouts and keno bonuses. Find a casino with a high house payout and a simultaneous keno bonus and you increase the potential profitability of each and every keno game.

Find the Best Keno Sites

The last thing to talk about is finding the best keno sites. Once again, keno is completely random in every aspect of play. So finding the best keno sites has nothing to do with game volatility. Every keno game is the same in its randomness.

The best keno sites are those with the highest house payouts and the most bonuses and extra features. Thatís what you should be looking for. Generous casino bonuses that increase your bankroll are obviously attractive. Extra features like progressive jackpots, king tickets, and combination tickets are also things to look for. They all work together to make an already exciting game that much better.

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