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Live Casinos

Live Casinos 2019 Guide UK – Reviews & Ratings

Casino gambling has been around for hundreds of years. But thanks to the proliferation of the internet over the last two decades, casino gambling in the digital age is far more accessible around the world. You can now play all your favourite live casino games online anywhere you have an internet connection. You no longer have to go to a land-based casino to enjoy roulette, blackjack, and all your other favourites.

The transition from land-based play to online gaming has been both quick and dramatic. Credit the technology wizards and game designers who make it all possible. It now seems as though the sky really is the limit. Just about any game you would find in a land-based casino can now be found online. Better yet, game designers are taking classic table games and making hem even better with modern, technology-enabled improvements.

Live vs Computer-Generated Games

If you are not familiar with live casino gaming, it is important that you learn to distinguish between what the industry calls ‘live games’ and those that are computer-generated. Computer-generated are controlled exclusively through software means.

The software creates and presents a game simulation seen on the screen. Random number generators are used to determine outcomes, and everything is completely automated. There is no human involvement on the casino’s end.

Live casino gaming is completely different. It utilises a combination of software and human dealers, croupiers, and game hosts. Games are in no way simulated by computer. They are managed by real people who deal real cards, spin real roulette wheels, and so forth.

How Live Online Casinos Operate

A live online casino brings the action to you through the use of computer software and live video and audio. The computer software acts as the interface that allows you, as the player, to interact with your host. It generates a variety of controls on your screen that allow you to place your wagers, devise your game strategies, and even communicate with your host.

The game host interacts with you through video, audio, and text-based chat. He or she is working on the casino floor alongside other hosts managing games for players in real time. Video brings you the streaming images, audio lets you hear all the sounds, and text-based chat affords you the ability to ‘talk’ to your host.

Popular Live Casino Games

The number of live games now available at online casinos is fairly large. And it continues to grow. The most popular among them are:

Blackjack – Place your wagers, deal the cards, and attempt to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. This is classic online blackjack

Roulette – A favourite among live casino players is roulette. This is another classic game involving a roulette wheel with coloured and numbered slots. You try to guess where the marble will drop when the wheel stops spinning. Bet correctly and you win.

Hold ‘Em Poker – This extremely popular version of poker made its name in the States. Now it is played all over the world in land-based and online casinos.

Baccarat – Deceptively simple and highly entertaining, baccarat is a favourite among live casino players who appreciate card games with speed and action.

Sic Bo – Sic Bo is to dice games what baccarat is to card games. It is simple to understand, easy to learn, and action-packed when you play.

Live table games are the hottest trend among online casino gamers right now. The more people experience live casino gaming, the more they love it. It is a safe bet you will too.

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