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Lucky Horoscope November

14 Jun 2018, 11:17 AM
Lucky Horoscope November

If you are here, then you’re a gambler, and believe that the metaphysical forces are able to both: attract and scare away Good Luck. It is no secret that for gamblers Luck is a half of the battle.


A favourite gamblers’ saying “as the card will fall” has become so popular not by chance. It turns out that even the most ordinary deck of cards has a certain metaphysical value. For example, the 4 suits represent the four seasons; 52 cards in every deck meet the 52 weeks of the year, and the 13 cards in every suit are referring to the same number of the lunar cycle phases. Do you really think this is a coincidence? Maybe! But how to explain the fact that the sum of playing cards values is equal to the number of days in a year – 364, and the joker is the only one additional day in a leap year?

Some believe that the universe itself gave us a cards deck as a tool to attract good luck. It is still a pity that we have to learn to use it correctly ourselves. However, there is another, truer way of attracting good luck – our gambling horoscope. Let’s see what gambling horoscope for November has prepared for each of us.



November – unfortunately, very unfortunately, is a bad time for gambling Aries. Despite their craving for social recognition, praise and a desire to show what and how great they can do, they can’t hit anything, still their own stupidity and foolishness. Unfortunately, this means that they will see nothing but losses. Be careful, cautious and patient! Maybe you win everything back in December! If, however, you decide to visit casino, Sundays are the best time.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 1, 18, 29, 31
  • Unproductive days: 21



Being measured and calm – this is what the doctor ordered. Gambling Taurus will try to manage to play everywhere and in everything, but it will be crowned only monetary losses and deep autumn depression. Pull yourself together, think and plan each move. Your best bet is to play on Monday and only on roulette or video slots.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 17, 22
  • Unproductive days: 10, 15



Methodical and well-planned gambling time – is your opportunity to win in November. Other people’s advice as well as tips from inner “me” will only lead to failure. A clear plan, cool, and the iron logic – are all that is necessary for the gambling Twins’ success. Wednesday is the best time to test your gambling skills.

  • Friendly days for gambling: 3, 11, 19, 23, 29
  • Unproductive days: 4, 17



Bravo! Bingo! Jackpot! These are the only exultation that gambling Cancers will hear. November for them is a real storehouse of success at any of the fronts and at any of the games. Still there is always a “but.” And it is a prerequisite for success – you should dispose the winnings wisely and not to succumb to material pleasures. Make something useful to yourself and your family, sacrifice a bit for charity and the next big win will not take long. Card games on Tuesdays will bring especially memorable fruits.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 1, 21, 22, 30
  • Unproductive days: 13, 20



Uncertainty will pursue the representatives of this noble Sign step by step. Still as long as they start to act and play. Then they won’t stop. They will awaken and go over the heads of even the most experienced gamblers. Congratulations, this is your month! Enjoy it in full, particularly enjoy it on Fridays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 17, 20, 29
  • Unproductive days: 10, 21.26



You do not like risk, we know. Still, this is the only way to succeed in November. Everything you need – is to make the first move! And Good Luck will certainly deign to you. The stars are on your side, but it is worth to have measures. Do not overdo it! The casino days are better to organise on Saturdays.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 6, 10, 18, 30
  • Unproductive days: 22



Any Libra’s gambling venture will be crowned with great success and enormous amount of winnings. The money will flow to you like the river… unfortunately, with freeloaders. The main thing for you in November, is not to listen to anybody’s tips and nobody lend money. Playing slots and roulette will be especially fortunate. The card table is available for you only if you are a mature card master. Dedicate every Wednesday to gambling and you won’t believe your success.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 6, 17, 23,25
  • Unproductive days: 6



This is the month when your intuition is not an assistant for you at all. A wild desire to make a big bet will turn into unprecedented losses. Be careful, bet only small amounts, and stop the game after the very first win. There is a possibility of winning on Thursdays and while playing blackjack.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 1, 14, 20, 28
  • Unproductive days: 12.16



Autumn depression and fatigue from routine work can be a great excuse to unwind in the casino. BUT, it is not necessary to hurry. Your state during this month may attract malevolent advisor, who will be happy to clean your pockets out. If you play – play alone; when going to the casino – go on Tuesdays and drink no alcohol.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 8, 19
  • Unproductive days: 11, 26



Roulette – is everything for you! But for some uncertainty and irritability can play not into your hands. Negative mood certainly affects the outcome of games, so it’s time to take off all the emotions and rely on precise calculation and composure. Monday will be your lucky day.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 11, 23, 29
  • Unproductive days: 9, 27



Your dreams often come true, and it gives good reason to believe that luck is on your side in any case. And it is right. This month, especially on Saturdays, even your smallest efforts will turn the hundredfold success. What’s important – to choose a single game and play only it. Do not waste your time and smile a lot – this is your lucky month!

  • Friendly days for excitement: 6, 17, 21
  • Unproductive days: 7



November is not the best month for you. Problems at work greatly affect your concentration, and thus minimise the chances of winning. To visit casino is better on Fridays and only for relaxation purpose and spending time leisurely. Slots are the only gambling you can play without great losses.

  • Friendly days for excitement: 12, 21
  • Unproductive days: 24, 27, 28, 30


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