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Matching Bonus Casinos

Matching Bonus Casinos – Reviews & Codes 2019

Casinos that offer their players matching bonuses often do so as a way to attract new players to their tables. Matching bonus casinos are willing to put up a little bit of their own money as a way to entice new players to join their sites. Indeed, the matching bonus is fairly common because both players and casinos benefit from them.

What Are Matching Bonus Casinos?

A matching bonus is essentially a cash bonus based on the amount of money that a player deposits. There are multiple ways to structure matching bonuses. The first is a pound-for-pound match. The second offers a certain percentage of the player’s deposit. The third is a static deposit amount regardless of the size of the player’s deposit

Note that in the first two cases there are usually limits. This is done to prevent huge losses on the casino site. Imagine if you were a millionaire capable of depositing £1 million on a 100% matching bonus. That amount of money could quickly bankrupt the casino. To prevent that from happening, matching bonuses almost always have limits.


The biggest advantage of the matching bonus is that it gives you more money to wager with. Maybe you are signing up with a casino for the first time, but you only have a limited amount of money to play with. The matching bonus gives you more money. And more money equals bigger wagers that can produce bigger wins.

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, another advantage of the matching bonus is that you get to keep that extra money once you meet certain wagering requirements. The only exception is when a matching bonus is offered as a sticky bonus, in which case you cannot withdraw the money the casino deposits.

Note that the wagering requirements are in place to prevent players from signing up, getting the matching bonus, and then withdrawing the money without playing for any significant amount of time. Again, the wagering requirements are there to protect the casino.

Different Types

We previously discussed the different types of matching bonuses, but let’s go through them in a little more detail.

Pound for Pound Match
With this bonus, every pound you deposit toward that bonus is matched by another pound offered by the casino. Of course, there are certain limits. For example, the casino may offer a pound-for-pound matching bonus up to a total of £100 maximum. That money is yours to wager with and reap the rewards thereof.

Percentage Bonus

Next is the percentage bonus. This could be 25%, 50%, or even 75% – up to a certain limit. Again, the money is yours to keep and wager with. Once you meet certain wagering requirements you will be able to withdraw whatever remains of that bonus money from your account.

The static matching bonus is not as common as the other two kinds, but it does exist. This is a bonus that essentially gives you a set amount as a reward for making your first deposit. Static bonuses are generally small.

Multiple Matching Bonuses

Now, here’s where the matching bonus gets interesting. A lot of casinos offer multiple matching bonuses over a set period. You might receive a pound-for-pound bonus with your very first deposit. On your second deposit, you might get a 50% matching bonus, followed by a 25% matching bonus on your third deposit. The subsequent matching bonuses are designed to entice you to keep playing.

Matching bonuses are good for casinos in that they encourage new players to sign up. They benefit players by giving them free money to play with.

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