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New Online Slots

New Online Slots Reviews & Ratings 2019 UK

Video slot games are what got it all started for online casino gaming. Even today, slots are the staple of most online casinos as they seek to compete for their share of the market. Are you a fan of slots? If so, how about all the new slots game designers are coming up with? This is a good time to be an online slot player thanks to a slew of creativity coming from the likes of IGT, Barcrest, Bally and the rest.

New online slots come in a variety of flavours. A lot of them are designed around the hottest pop-culture trends that have players riveted outside the casino. For example, it is fairly common for a game designer to come up with a new title based on a popular film. If you have played any of the Sherlock Holmes or Austin Powers games, you know exactly what we are referring to.

Another flavour of new online slots are retro titles. What are these? Retro titles are games that are either based on classic games of the past or meant to mimic previous generations of slot games. For example, you might have a new title designed around the 3-reel, one-armed bandits of the 1950s. Such a game would be absolutely new in every respect, but it would present the opportunity to play slots the way they used to when Vegas was first being built.

More Bonus Play

Game designers have learned over the years that players love bonus play. As such, expanded bonus play is typical of new online slots. Designers are relying on old favourites as well as developing new ways to implement bonus play. Today’s games offer a full range of:

free spins bonuses
picking games
wheel of fortune games
trail games.

Some of the most adventurous new online slots even incorporate role-playing games (RPG) into bonus play. A game with an RPG element would require the player to take on the role of a certain character who has to work his way through numerous Obstacles to win prizes.

Progressive Jackpots in New Slot Games

Another hot trend for new online slots is the progressive jackpot. Note that progressive jackpots are not new, it is just that they are more popular now than ever before. What is a progressive jackpot? It is a running jackpot that can be won by any player who happens to be playing the same game. Its progressive nature is derived from the fact that every standard spin adds to the jackpot amount.

Progressive jackpots can be either local or network wide. A local jackpot is confined only to the players currently playing in that particular casino. A network wide jackpot is applicable to all players playing the same game on a given network, even if they are in different online casinos.

New Slots with 3D Graphics

Perhaps the most impressive thing about many of the new online slots hitting the market in recent years are the 3D graphics they boast. Advanced computer networks and high-grade graphics have transformed the flat, 2D interface into a whole new experience that rivals live action. 3D graphics make it possible to tell an actual story in the midst of slot play rather than offering players a little more than an arcade experience.

There are plenty of new online slots coming out all the time. If you are a regular slot player, you know that some exceptional titles have been released just this year. It makes you wonder what’s coming down the road in the future, doesn’t it? It’s even more reason to keep playing.

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