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A Winning Ticket in an Old Shirt and Spain’s Mysterious Big Winner: All the Winnings News this Week

3 Nov 2017, 11:05 AM

A Winning Ticket in an Old Shirt and Spain’s Mysterious Big Winner: All the Winnings News this Week

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, and for many who regularly buy tickets, avidly checking the numbers is part of the excitement. This was not the case for 68 year-old Jimmie Smith from New Jersey, who had a stack of unchecked tickets piled up in an old shirt in his closet. When an appeal for the winner of an unclaimed $24 million jackpot was aired on his television, Jimmie thought to go ahead and check his tickets just in case.

In his old shirt pocket, Jimmie found the winning ticket for the lottery, which was just about to expire in two days. He claims he had to take a minute to breathe and calm down once he realised he had the winning ticket, and that he had been postponing checking his tickets for several months.

Jimmie is a security guard in New Jersey, and bought the winning ticket from a shop in Manhattan. He is a regular lotto player, and says he has been buying tickets for over 50 years, although he often forgets to check the numbers. He has chosen to take the 26 year payout instead of the lump sum, and plans to discuss what to do with his massive winnings with his family.

From one lucky winner to another: this time, an anonymous player from Las Palmas in Spain has won the astounding €190 million Euromillions jackpot, which is the maximum jackpot allowed in the game. If they had not won, the jackpot would have rolled over an additional three weeks. The winner bought only one €2.50 ticket, and did not choose their own numbers, instead opting to have them randomly distributed. They are one of three people to have ever won Europe’s biggest jackpot.

The small community of Jinamar, where the ticket was bought in a local shopping centre kiosk, is abuzz with gossip, with no one knowing who the mysterious winner is. Some wonder whether the winner may have been a tourist instead of a local, but apparently not many tourists were spotted in the shopping centre in the week before the draw. The winner is now approximately the 200th richest person in Spain.

In less happy news, a Canadian woman is suing her ex-partner after he took off from their shared home without a word following a $6 million lottery win. The couple had been living together for two and a half years when Maurice Thibeault found out he had won $6 million in the lottery they regularly played as a couple. Five days later, after denying having won to his partner, he quit his job and moved out without saying anything.

His partner Denise Richardson claims that she didn’t know anything was amiss, although she did notice Maurice washing all of his clothes the night before leaving. Sources near Maurice claim he had been planning to end the relationship for a while, and that the winnings gave him the means to do so. He has not spoken on the matter, and is lying low until it is resolved.

Though the Canadian laws for common-law and spousal support vary, they usually apply for couples who have been together for over three years. Denise got a court injunction on the winnings a few days after finding out and aims to sue for her share, claiming that their prior agreement to share any lottery winnings means that Maurice should have to pay up.

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