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No-Download Casinos

No-Download Casinos 2019 – Reviews & Ratings

Some online casinos require you to download software to play. The software might be in the form of a desktop programme or a mobile app. Casinos with no such requirements are known as ‘no download’ or ‘instant play’ casinos because you can play simply by logging onto their websites and clicking a few buttons.

In this guide you will learn more about no-download casinos, their advantages, and what to pay attention to when you play. Needless to say that no-download casinos are very inviting to players who want to enjoy the benefits of online gaming without the hassles that come with installing new software.

How No-Download Casinos Work

Because a no-download casino does not require downloading and installing additional software, the games themselves have to be played via some other environment. That environment happens to be a web browser. Games load and play in a browser just as they would if they were separate applications.

Online casinos can use a variety of technologies to power no-download slots. One of the more popular formats continues to be Flash, though Flash is quickly being replaced by HTML 5 across the internet. The only downside here is that players need a fairly modern browser with support for both Flash and HTML 5 if they want the best possible experience.

Also note that no-download games should work well on both mobile devices and desktop/laptop PCs. If you are having trouble with a mobile device, it could be that your browser is not up to the challenge of instant games. You might want to switch to a more well-known browser and see if that helps.

Privacy Concerns

Before you begin playing slots and other games at no-download casinos, you should be aware of privacy concerns. Bear in mind that these games are played directly in your mobile or PC browser. As such, the online casino could be harvesting data from your browser for advertising and marketing purposes.

It is always a good idea to read an online casino’s privacy policy before beginning play. Find out what the casino will do with information gleaned from your browser. Find out if your personal information is used for purposes other than your online gaming enjoyment. Once you fully grasp a casino’s privacy policy, you can decide whether to proceed or not.

Advantages of No-Download Casinos

There are a number of distinct advantages of no-download casinos. First is the previously mentioned ability to play without downloading and installing new software. For mobile players, this could mean the difference between enjoying their favourite games and being shut out of online gaming because they simply have no more room on their devices.

No-download casinos are a good deal for Mac and Linux users too, given the fact that the lion’s share of computer software is developed for the Windows environment. Mac and Linux users can still play games online just as long as they have modern browsers.

Regardless of the device used to play, the question players always have to ask themselves is whether they really want another piece of software on their devices. A lot of people do not. Having to install additional software brings with it additional complications some people just do not want any part of. With no download play, the gaming experience is nearly instant. Bring up your browser, navigate to your favourite casino, and start playing. It is really simple.

Having access to instant play casinos has been good for both players and the casinos themselves. It opens up online gaming to the widest possible audience without the need for extra software.

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