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How to Get Cash back at MAZAL

22 Aug 2018, 10:39 AM
How to Get Cash back at MAZAL

Cash back (a certain share of losses returned by the house) is absolutely legal procedure which doesnít put any extra responsibilities or obligations on players. What should I do to get the cash back?

1. Register at online casino following our link. It is needed to make sure that you registered through our site and you will be able to claim cash back provided by our portal.

In order to register via our link please delete cookies of your browser. This is safe and it doesnít lead to removal of important files stored on your HDD. In order to delete cookies in Chrome or Firefox just click on Ctrl+Shift+Del. The new window will be opened. Tick the relevant box.

Opera users should click on preferences -> delete personal data. Users of IE should click on Service -> Browser Preferences -> Delete.

If you canít follow our link you might experience problems because of your internet provider. Some of them block certain sites. In this case just use Opera and launch Turbo mode.

2. At the end of month send us the following info to guide@guide-poker-casino.com:

  • The name of the casino (casinos) you played at
  • Your nickname at the casino
  • The sum you deposited this month
  • The sum of bonuses you received this month

3. Then we will request confirmation at the casino you mentioned and check the info you have provided. After the procedure we will send you cash back money to your Skrill or Pay Pal accounts. The whole procedure usually takes roughly 1 month.

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