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Sticky Bonus Casinos

Sticky Bonus Casinos – Reviews & Codes 2019

One of the hottest casino bonuses right now is the sticky bonus. Online casinos that offer this bonus are known as ‘sticky bonus casinos’. If you are a regular online casino player, it behoves you to understand what sticky bonuses are so that you can use them to your advantage. There are different types of sticky bonuses to be aware of.

What Are Sticky Bonus Casinos?

The best way to understand the sticky bonus is to think of it as one that sticks with you for a while. In 99 % of all cases, the sticky bonus is awarded as a cash deposit. It may be a single amount; it may be equal to a certain percentage of your deposit. For the purposes of illustration, let us assume a sticky bonus of 50% of your initial deposit of £500. You would get an additional £250 to play with.

The bonus is sticky because the additional money stays in your account for a certain amount of time – according to the conditions of the bonus. Note that such conditions are important. They are described below in the section detailing the different types of sticky bonuses.

The other unique aspect of sticky bonuses is that you cannot withdraw the bonus money. The money is there for you to play with, but it is not yours to keep. This point should not be taken lightly. Far too many new casino players sign up for a sticky bonus and are then unhappy when they discover they cannot withdraw that money.

The Advantages of Sticky Bonus Casinos

The advantages of the sticky bonus should be pretty clear. First and foremost, the sticky bonus gives you more money to wager. This is great if you want to start playing but your bankroll is limited. The extra money gives you more to wager and, as a result, potentially more to win.

Another advantage is that you get to keep all your winnings regardless of how much bonus money was used to generate those winnings. If it makes it easier to understand, you could consider the sticky bonus money a loan of sorts that allows you to generate a return on your investment. You keep the returns but give the investment money back to the casino.

The Different Types

There are two kinds of sticky bonuses you need to know about.

‘Disappearing Sticky Bonus’
The first is the ‘disappearing’ sticky bonus that is removed from your account after time. That amount of time is arbitrary – it sticks around only until you make your first withdrawal. At that point, the bonus money is taken out of your account and you are left only with your own money and any remaining earnings you have not withdrawn.

The ‘Expiring’ Sticky Bonus
The second type of sticky bonus is the ‘expiring’ sticky bonus. This bonus also sticks around for a limited time only, but the time is determined as a set number of days. You may have an expiring sticky bonus good for just one week, for example. Regardless of the term, the sticky bonus money is taken out of your account on the expiration date.

A word of caution: sticky bonuses always come with terms and conditions that need to be understood before you sign up. A good example is a condition needing you to meet certain waging requirements. If you attempt to withdraw before meeting those requirements, you lose both the sticky bonus money and any earnings you have accumulated.

Sticky bonuses are a terrific way to increase your wagering power with extra money provided by the casino. Just be sure you know and understand the terms and conditions of any such bonus before you agree to it.

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