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1 Sep 2017, 2:14 PM

Nowadays in the era of progressive development of information technologies there exist a lot of useful resources and services easy to access from anywhere. These are possibilities to deliver meals at home, to purchase real estate, or a car. For venturous people there are numerous online platforms with slot machines, all sorts of roulettes, card tables, etc.

Fans of lotteries are not limited in their preferences by local providers selling tickets valid in a specific area only. With the help of the World Wide Web it’s possible to push ones’ luck in popular lotteries that are on trend anywhere in the world without even leaving home.

One of the websites offering this opportunity is www.jackpot.com. Lotteries existing there offer the largest jackpots in the world. Here are the examples:

  • EuroJackpot is a relatively new lottery that was launched in March of 2012. It is held in 17 European countries, which makes it possible for the main prize to reach huge amounts of money. The maximum jackpot is estimated at $90 million.
  • EuroMillions is the most popular lottery in Europe. It got started in February of 2004. The minimum jackpot reached $15 million, and the maximum one really “spills over” – the amount of money we speak about is $190 million!
  • Mega Millions is probably the most well known and favorite lottery in America. Its first run took place in 2002. The minimum jackpot is estimated $15 million, and the maximum… you won’t believe it, but it’s over $656 million.
  • Powerball is a national American lottery and the most popular one in the whole world. It was founded in 1992. The maximum jackpot the gamblers can hit is stratospheric - $1,5 billion!
  • German Lotto is one of the conservative lotteries that was launched back in 1955. It’s known for its stable payoffs and reliability. The maximum jackpot reached €13 million.


So, you can’t wait to try your luck, right? Now we will tell you how to do it.

To start the game you need to register on the website, which won’t take more than two minutes. Three-step registration process allows flunking out swindlers and bots ensuring the maximum security level of the data provided. First it’s necessary to provide personal data (name, sex, and date of birth). The next step is to select a login (email address) and a password. The third final registration step requires information about the country of residence and preferred currency.

That’s all – three simple steps and a couple of minutes, and the registration process is complete. Upon providing all the information you will get access to your personal account. Its functionality is a delight to the eye – one can edit most of the information and make it more detailed: for example, it’s possible to verify the residency address and add bank information for setting up a deposit.

A gamer can see on a screen all the necessary information starting from the deposit balance and latest wins and ending with the whole history of payments and upcoming draws.

Besides, the functionality of the personal account lets the users look through all the existing lotteries and draws (main menu entry “Games”) and purchase any tickets they like.

By filling in the lottery ticket and paying for it, you will become a full participant of the gambling process. In case of a win you will get the prize money indicated in the final results of a lottery draw.



Success is found in simplicity

This website provides a possibility to push one’s luck in instant lotteries, where the prize money can reach incredibly large amounts and can change one’s life drastically. It should also be noted that the access to gambling is given to the users who have reached 18 years of age.

Overall, the website jackpot.com is equipped with intuitively simple interface thanks to which it’s easy to find any lottery or receive any information starting from a draw date and finishing with the sum of the main prize. Modern and easy functionality will be clear to every website visitor and will not cause discomfort even with the beginning level of using the computer or the basic knowledge of the Internet.


English service means a guarantee of payoffs

Since the website jackpot.com is registered in Leeds, Great Britain, regulation and control of its functionality is run by the UK Gambling Commission which ensures 100% of payoffs to gamers in case of winning.

The support service of the lottery internet platform provides professional support to clients from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm GMT. One can call the number listed on the website or send an email. All the main and additional contact information is available on the footer (the bottom part) of the website.

This resource is pleasantly marked with soft and colorful design and promotion concept. It’s available in three languages: Russian, English, and German. This means that jackpot.com offers its services not only to clients from Western Europe, but also aims at Russian – speaking regions, and their residents can access the diverse internationally recognized lotteries, enjoy European customer service quality and guarantee of payoffs of any sums of the prize money won.


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