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Fantastic Four Slot Machine

1 Sep 2017, 1:56 PM

Almost true story


Four astronauts are asked to test the new rocket. The launch was successful but something went wrong. The rocket was struck by radial thunder and was destroyed. It seemed like no one will manage to survive during the lading. However our heroes somehow stayed alive. At the same time their bodies got deformed.


Fantastic 4 slot Mazal Europa


They are not regular people anymore. They became the real band of super heroes with enormous powers. You can imagine how people on Earth were excited with arrival or super heroes! Mister Fantastic is the leader of the bank. He can stretch his body. Invisible Woman can manipulate her strength and light fields. The Human Torch can burn everything with fire and surround himself with fire. He is also capable of flying into atmosphere. The Thing has the power of real stone. He is a shrewish but kind friend, wonderful pilot and American football fan. He also has Nordic temper. The listed persons were chosen to protect peaceful people.


Comics and extra stuff


Fantastic Four slot machine is much better than our games based on comics. The reason is that he game was manufactured by Playtech. Specifics of the game determine tactics which can lead you to winnings. The thing is that there is no separate bonus game available in Fantastic Four. The game can be profitable with regular payouts. They are much higher than in other slots.

Keeping in mind the specifics of the slot machine players should carefully choose bets size. In addition you should also keep in mind that Fantastic Four allows activating up to 50 pay lines. The best strategy is to activate all pay lines and place average sized bets. In this case you would get the best ration of winnings in percentage.

Fantastic Four slot machine also has free spins available. You would hardly find any other game featuring so many free spins. Basically you will have the chance to spin reels for free if any of the Fantastic Four super heroes appears on the reels. However there are some specifics. They are shown on the following videos:


The gambler bets 4 pounds and activates 20 pay lines. Free spins give him 400 pounds which is 100 times more than initial bet.

Also check another video:


Similar winning is paid out here. However the bet is almost two times less. It means that he got almost 200 times more than the gambler’s initial bet. So, what’s the secret? The answer is simple – the gambler has activated all 50 pay lines. Therefore he managed to get more winning combination and received higher bonus pay out.


May I be the fifth?

Traditionally Marvel slots allow us winning from $50 to $200-$300K per one spin extra prizes. Keep in mind the mentioned specifics of the Fantastic Four slot machine. As you can guess we are talking about four progressive jackpots available in the slot machine and other Marvel games.

Jackpot round can be launched any time. The 20 squares field will appear. Don’t miss your chance and start opening the squares. Your time is limited. There are several jackpots available but you have the chance of winning just one of them. There is no winning strategy, count on luck! We hope that you will be lucky playing Fantastic Four.

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