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Hulk Slot Machine

1 Sep 2017, 1:59 PM

We bet that people must have invented super heroes to make our boring and predictable lives more exciting and spicy.

Super heroes were saving the humanity. Then they started to bring people to movie theatres. And now it is time to work for gamblers who play exciting video slots. Well, slot machines based on Marvel slots are considered as one of the most popular at any online casino.

Incredible, Smart and Green

The story of Hulk started in the lab of genius psychic scientist Bruce Banner. Typical nerd who was afraid of his own shadow finally invented incredible gamma-bomb. Unsurprisingly something went wrong. Bruce Banner survived but he went through radioactive irradiation. Since when he must keep calm. As soon as he gets angry he turns into giant green goon with smart eyes and wild temper. The goon was called Hulk. Banner tries to find the way to combine his two opposite characters. However he can’t do it and Hulk keeps crushing everything. Who can stop him? The answer is simple – his beautiful ex-girlfriend Betty.



Back to gambling

Almost anyone can explain the reasons of growing popularity of slot machines based on Marvel. Even a housewife without any gambling experience would tell you about the excitement and joy of facing superheroes.

Well, super heroes are made to admire them. Incredible Hulk slot machine is more difficult than regular slots. However that’s why we really enjoy this slot machine. The developers managed to integrate the real Hollywood blockbuster in 5-reels slot machine! You will enjoy special effects and wonderful graphics! Well done, Playtech team!


About the budget

You should give your best shot in Hulk slot machine not just because of exciting story line. Another advantage of the game is possibility to win big amount of money. Slot machines accepting play money are quite doubtful. By the way, you can play Incredible Hulk slot machine for free. But it is much better to chose real money gaming. Everyone has a chance of winning and the prize can be really exciting!



Just watch the video where a gambler bets 25 euros (1 bet/1 line). He gets two bonus symbols and starts his bonus game called Smash. Having smashed three police cars (they determine the prize) and one police helicopter (it determines the multiplier) lucky gambler receives 2750 euros after just one spin!





The next video shows how a gambler wins almost 200 pounds after one spin for 2 pounds.



Don’t make him angry!

Hulk slot machine belongs to the series of slots based on Marvel comics. It means that there are extra prizes to grab: progressive jackpots. You won’t be able to hit the jackpot if you play in demo mode (for free). However just make your real money bet and you will have the chance of hitting the jackpot any time! Different jackpots have different requirements applied to bets. For instance, if you want to hit the biggest jackpot called SuperPower, you need to place max possible bets.

There are not so many cons of the slot machine. Let’s just mention quite complicated game play and small payouts for smallest winning combinations.


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