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Iron Man Slot Machine

1 Sep 2017, 2:04 PM

The ages of primitive 3-reels slot machines with poor graphics and boring symbols as sevens and fruits is in the past. Modern blockbuster slot machines are wonderfully designed games based on Hollywood movies and Marvel comics. Let us tell you about one of such slot machines which are in the list of Top-10 slot machines of the gambling’s history. Let us introduce you IronMan slot machine.



The Story of Iron Man

Once upon a time there was the handsome guy named Tony Stark. He was rich, he was popular and he also was a genius on engineering. He was enjoying his life but one day he was kidnapped by evil communists who desperately wanted to seize powerful destroying weapon. They didn’t capture the weapon but did hurt Tony Stark. Well, he was also quite good in surgeries. Therefore he managed to implant magnet device and create the solid protecting suit. Then he became the superhero called the Iron Man. His self proclaimed duty is to protect the humanity of evil communists and different terrorists. He has powers to battle with modern jets, go into space and turn into the hero of popular slot machine! In addition Tony Stark can help gamblers winning attractive prizes.


What about money?

Exciting story is the good thing to begin with. But this is not the most important part of this slot machine. Who cares about stories when you can win big? Therefore Iron Man slot machine is not only about wonderful graphics. It is also about odds of winning money. What else could you expect from Playtech?

Sherlock Holmes said, “I believe in things I can see”. Therefore just have a look at the video about the Iron Man slot machine.



As we can see, gambler bets 25 euros per 1 spin (1 euro / 1 line). Several spins don’t generate winning combinations. If you play many other slot machines you would lose the whole bankroll after several spins with no results. However the energy of the Iron Man turns things around. Even without bonus rounds and extra games the gambler won more than 1000 euros.

Bonus Wars

Here is another interesting video:


Here you can see a gambler playing the bonus game of Iron Man. Draw your attention to the fact that the gambler places quite careful bets – just 2,5 euros. Iron Man chases enemy’s jet. The jet fires several rockets attacking an American city. The goal is to destroy enemy’s rockets. Save peaceful citizens and win some money! Each rocket consists of money! Rockets were destroyed and the player won 65 euros and the special multiplier. The multiplier increased the pay out by 3. In addition the gambler received 13 free spins. Free spins start after the bonus round. Almost every spin gives the gambler extra winning. In addition the gambler wins 10 extra spins. At the same time the gambler keeps his multiplier. Therefore he wins 216 euros after the bonus game. This is almost 100 more than the initial bet. Well, super heroes must have good salaries.

Marvel Jackpots

The Iron Man slot machine has features such as progressive jackpots. There are 4 of them available. Each jackpot has its own prize pool. The smallest one is $100 000. It starts from $50.

The best thing about the jackpots is that every single gambler has a chance of winning! You don’t have to place max possible bets, activate all pay lines or collect difficult combinations. The jackpot is hit randomly. All you need to do during your jackpot game is to open one square after one. When you open three identical squares you will find out your winning. The jackpot game doesn’t have any time limitations.


Iron Man is waiting for you!

Up to $2400 Welcome Bonus!


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