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Mega Fortune Slot

1 Sep 2017, 2:09 PM

Mega Fortune slot speaks for itself. The name of the game is the real symbol of record-breaking winnings at online casinos. Well, it is true that Mega Fortune slot machine produced dozens millionaires who won jackpots.

Mega Fortune is listed in The Guinness book of world records because of its progressive jackpot.

Watch this video and you will see how this lucky gambler bets just 0,5 euros and hits enormously large jackpot which was more than 11 Millions euros!

This lucky winning was included in The Guinness book of world records. However the record was broken shortly. Just in several months another lucky gambler was playing with even smaller bets (0,25 euros) and he won more than 17 Millions euros!

The names of the lucky gamblers are not really important. The more important thing is that you can become the next winner! The popularity of the Mega Fortune slot machine has been steadily growing. This means that the progressive jackpot gets bigger faster than even before.

How to Hit Mega Fortune Jackpot

Let us tell you about the structure of the slot machine. Mega Fortune features standard 5-reels structure. There are 25 pay lines (BetLines button). You can bet up to several coins on each payline (BetLevel button). The value of each coin can be set (CoinValue button) by a player starting from $0,01.

There are several bonus games available. In order to get free spins you need to catch three scatter symbols. The quantity of free spins is set randomly. In addition all winnings earned during the free spins can be multiplied with help of the multiplier (it is also random feature). The max winning from free spins is 107 000 euros.

In order to play bonus game you need to get three symbols marked as “Bonus”. Bonus games feature progressive jackpot. You could already watch it in video above. Max winning from bonus game is unlimited.

In the main game you can catch the wild symbol. It helps forming winning combinations. However you should not really count on it. Regular payouts are listed in the paytable of Mega Fortune slot machine. We doubt that you would be impressed with the payouts. You can’t really expect a slot machine to be perfect in every single aspect.

It is important to understand all advantages of Mega Fortune and use them to make profits. Impressive winnings can be seized via free spins with multipliers and bonus games. Your goal is to spread your bankroll to play as long as you can. The optimal strategy is to wager min bet on each line. The more we play the more bonus rounds will be played. Therefore the odds of winning the jackpot grow.

Mega Fortuneis the product of young and ambitious NetEnt company. This slot machine can be found in many online casinos. However the record breaking winnings are usually linked with Casino Luck. This casino turned the game into one of the most popular slot machines ever.

Play Mega Fortune NOW and Win your Jackpot!

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