Bingo Strategy

As in any game, winnings in bingo depend on the strategy you choose. But bingo is a lottery game so the elements of intuition and luck are also very important. Answering the question of how to win at bingo, you can only talk about the preparatory stage. Any in-game actions can’t change the expected value of the result in any way. Therefore don’t take bingo lucky numbers seriously. They don’t have anything common with bingo strategy.

Many websites are full of fake signs and bingo winning tips like “win-win bingo system”, “almighty bingo strategy”, “how to predict bingo lucky numbers” etc. You shouldn’t trust such headlines. At best, you will be offered a doubtful mathematical pattern, which is not good at all for today’s online gambling. The history of bingo proves one thing: there is only one way to improve your chances to win in lottery — it’s competent search of playing environment with maximum expected value.

Here is what you should look at when choosing where to play:

  • Online casino. Many popular sites (Casino TropezWinner casinoTitan Casino888 CasinoEuropa Casino) offer different lottery games including the ones with guaranteed or fixed prize pools, which are very important for your odds.
  • Payback percentage. By current legislation, online casino is required to provide open information about the payback percentage of any machine. Casinos that are more respectable have the higher percentage. Usually it ranges between 60%-80%.
  • Bingo balls or their quantity. If you are a novice, it’s better for you to play British bingo (90 balls), because it’s the simplest lottery game. American types (75 and 80 balls) provide additional sources of income, but require much better knowledge of the rules (it’s all related to methods of filling of a bingo card).
  • Bingo lottery chart. Many casinos publish previous lottery reports. Your aim is to find out when there is the least amount of gamblers playing. If you are regular player – you should have your own lottery chart for gathering your own experience and information about participants. This is the most important information when speaking about winning bingo lottery. It’s proven by mathematical calculations that the less players are in particular drawing, the more profitable the situation is for each player. In other words, the expected value of the lottery is higher when there is less bingo cards sold. At the same time, the more cards in the draw are held by one player, the higher his chances to win.