2017 – Lucky Horoscope

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At birth every human being is gifted by the Stars with lots of unique talents and traits that in return influence his or her luck and inclination to venturous entertainments.

2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster that is characterised by violent disposition, strong work ethic, and impulsivity. Rooster has some special tender feelings to some of the zodiac signs and can crown them with luck. It is more demanding with others and is less loyal, but don’t worry – Rooster patronises those who are hardworking, goal-oriented and determined.

This year one should stay away from unjustified risk and useless loans – our passionate gamblers should borrow money only if they are 100% certain they will be able to return it. This year may lay the foundation for financial prosperity if you yourself try to become more knowledgeable in the sphere of gambling. Let’s see what 2017 can bring to each of us from the point of financial profit and luck in gambling.



By default Aries is lucky in gambling. But in spite of their activeness in this and other spheres of life, the year of Fire Rooster will have them put a halter on their temper and be more pragmatic. This is necessary to achieve real success in financial sphere – be it a lottery or online slots. What is important is to create an action plan and think it over.

The stars advise not to procrastinate with it and to start working on it right after winter holidays. You can achieve maximum effect from gambling entertainments. During 2017 don’t forget to take some breaks from gambling, and in case of a win spend your vacation with family. If you don’t do it you may get a “syndrome of fatigue”. Also, the stars don’t advise to conquer new games throughout the year of this bright and loud bird – make sure first that these games are profitable enough.

The most active gambling period will start in mid-spring and will last until November. During the last two months it’s better to make some “gambling” conclusions and errors correction.

Favourable days of the week for gambling: Friday



Passionate gamblers belonging to this zodiac sign will experience inextinguishable longing for accumulating and enlarging their money resources. Although Taurus is not one of those dull spenders, Fire Rooster will encourage them to be more careful when betting while playing roulette or poker and to think over various game outcome possibilities.

The stars advise you the following: if you start to get really lucky getting good prize money, don’t worry about the final result and don’t leave the game table. You’d better decrease the bets and keep playing.

If your nearest and dearest need financial help, don’t refuse to provide it. Even if they cannot give back the money, your kindness will attract extra luck for you. Fire Rooster in 2017 warns Taurus to follow advice of people he or she barely knows regarding the ways to success which cannot always be right and decent. When getting closer to the fall time there will be a chance to participate in a major gambling project, and only you can decide whether or not to take it. But if you prepare for it in advance you may be quite successful.

Lucky days of the week for gambling: Thursday and Saturday.



Gambling entertainments will require from Gemini in 2017 to be more careful than usual and to pay special attention to details. If someone who you know and trust advises to take part in the game, follow the advice, and the Stars will be on your side.

Stay away from not quite respectable people who are there among your acquaintances. Their karma is not so good, and it can push away luck and deprive you of the opportunity to fill in your pockets with cash. During the year of Fire Rooster trustful Gemini will become more intuitive thus avoiding numerous money losses. Don’t worry about your financial prosperity. With the right attitude to gambling you will be able to afford not just something you really need, but some nice and expensive extra purchases.

Favourable days of the week for gambling: Tuesday and Wednesday.



During the year of Fire Rooster this zodiac sign representatives will have to refuse from their customary accumulative way of life, which though does not mean refusal from having significant amount against a rainy day.

To attract luck and large money wins in a lottery or online slots Cancer will need to be generous helping friends or family financially. You’d better refrain from unnecessary personal purchases. The main trend for Cancer throughout the year of Fire Rooster will be stable cash flow from wins. It can be little, but stable. The Stars advise to refuse from significant expenses on holiday this year – you’d better stay with your family and friends, resolve old conflicts and confusions.

Lucky days of the week for gambling: Monday.



Leos are known for their unreasonable highrolling and excessive generosity aimed at throwing dust into someone’s eyes. It often happens that the cash flow from gambling entertainments is stable, but it’s not possible to put it away against a rainy day.

2017 will not be able to change this tendency, and in spite of financial successes gamers belonging to this zodiac sign will spend more than they will be able to earn. To reduce their expenses the Stars advise to limit their romantic adventures and treats for friends after every large win in slots of roulette.

As soon as you stop showing off with your money and excessive luxury, your circle of contacts will be narrowed leaving with you only real and loyal friends and pushing away toadies and boarders. To increase the income out of gambling entertainments the Stars advise to pay attention to new gambling opportunities that are gaining popularity this year. At the end of the year in case of a right and successful gaming strategy one can expect a substantial purchase, such as a house or a new car.

Favourable days of the week for gambling: Saturday and Sunday.



The year of Fire Rooster forebodes some ambiguousness in the field of gambling: it promises significant financial success, but at the same time Rooster cannot protect you from serious and unexpected losses.

You may also encounter some issues at the end of spring. To avoid it solve your personal problems as well as problems with state organisations. Astrologists forebode numerous financially risky acts in the middle and at the end of the year: you should specially prepare for them. The Stars advice Virgo not to lend any money (except lending it to relatives), otherwise chances are they will never get it back. The end of the year may be marked by a good opportunity to start your own business, that’s why stay away from substantial expenses throughout 2017.

Lucky days of the week for gambling: Sunday.



Representatives of this zodiac sign will have to set some limits for themselves, as Fire Rooster advised to be more economical and more rational with reference to money. You should gamble carefully as well – don’t bet with large sums of money. You’d better sharpen your skills with smaller bets which will allow learning more about the gaming process and developing your own winning strategy.

The second half of 2017 will bring Libra luck, but don’t delude yourself – large wins in roulette or slots are more likely at the end of the year. Lottery is an exception though – the Stars predict success in this entertainment. If you would like to take good vacation, begin to put away some money starting from January.

Favourable days for gambling: Thursday and Saturday.



The year of Fire Rooster will be financially difficult for Scorpios if they are careless with money due to excessive generosity and waste. This zodiac sign representatives may waste even large sums of money without blinking.

This colourful bird (Fire Rooster) will give you a rare chance to be rich if you are able to pacify this trait of character. The Stars advise you not to borrow any money as it’s easy to slide deeper into the debt pit from which it will be difficult to climb out. Astrologists also advise to keep to customary entertainments and try new games with care and without passion. In case you decide to change your accommodation or car you’d better wait until the second half of 2017.

Lucky days of the week for gambling: Friday.



This year will run in the background of significant purchases, though it does not predict any large or quick wins. With the right approach to finances you will be able to save the necessary sum of money for something you really want.

Think wisely about planning your vacation – to achieve all the planned financial results you will need good rest. According to the Stars, you’d better spend it either at the country house (with relatives), or in a local resort. The second half or the year of Fire Rooster will be quite worrisome due to work problems which you will be able to overcome getting a good financial bonus.

Favourable days of the week for gambling: Friday and Saturday.



Be prepared for additional expenses in 2017. But Capricorn should not panic or be upset – these expenses will be pleasant and positive. The stars predict that during the year of Fire Rooster Capricorn will travel a lot and will experience some adventures and entertainments. At the same time he or she will take care of the financial side of these events which means that luck in gambling will be with you throughout the whole year and even on vacation you may fill in your pockets with cash in a certain casino.

The most favourable type of gambling according to the Stars will be roulette or online slots. Stay away from doubtful business projects and examine your partners thoroughly. If you have children you should pay attention to their overall development (hire a tutor, pay for vocal classes, etc.). Investing into your kids you also provide for your own future.

Lucky days for gambling: Wednesday.




Financial prosperity will be at question for this zodiac sign representatives throughout the year of Fire Rooster. The Stars advise to reconsider some expenses that are not that necessary – be it a new smartphone or a loan for purchasing a new heavier car.

You’d better spend this money on your house repair and on your own healthcare. Astrologists also predict substantial additional income from gambling entertainments at the end of winter, during mid-spring and throughout the 2nd half of 2017. But don’t quit your job even if you are very lucky and if you hit the jackpot. In this case you will have time to think what to do next.

Favourable days of the week for gambling: Sunday.



The year of Fire Rooster will be quite successful for Pisces, but don’t delude yourself – you will have to invest a lot of work and thinking into every dollar. Financial prosperity will not come for nothing, because Rooster gives preference to work ethic and diligence.

The Stars predict venturous Pisces unstable wins. If you are lucky at the beginning of the year and just fill your pockets with money, don’t forget that the next decade may not be that generous and lucky. So, don’t spend everything all at once and put away some money for future use. You should not borrow money from friends and family, because this may affect your relationships. Make a preference to the bank, but review the agreement carefully to avoid pitfalls.

Lucky days of the week for gambling: Tuesday and Friday.