Lucky Horoscope – September 2015

Lucky horoscope september 2015 Portal Mazal


How to get rid of the archaic superstitions and don’t get your luck scared? Our gambling September horoscope will help you find an effective combination of scientific research and starry magic, that will tell us how to bring good luck and keep it with you. Be ready to refer to our tips and September will bring unforgettable experiences and pleasant rewards.


Aries. Get ready, Aries, September will become an amazing adventure for you. It will have lots of unexpected twists and turning points. It is a right time to play to the finish. Cold sharp mind and patience are the treasured components of the Aries’s success in any game of chance. The most favourable days for the representatives of this sign are the 21st and 27th of September. However, 11th would have to abstain from gambling. Thursday is now the best day for visits to the casino.


Taurus. Give up new gambling strategies or new and unknown games. Try just the usual games circuit and your favourite games will bring the coveted award. Taurus in September should show firmness and endurance, because the fortune will test your strength, and would better withstand. Taurus is not likely to hit the jackpot, still you can hope for decent winnings. Successful days: 13th, 21st of September. Unfavourable days for gambling are the 10th and 25th September. Wednesday is considered to be the best time for casino.


Gemini. Good Luck is on your side. There are no limits for imagination and everyday there is a chance to try everything, even slots, which are that much unreliable for you. The money will flow like a river despite the fact how much you bet or how often you play. Luck will be by your side throughout the month, especially 12th and 21st of September. Still, as usual, September 13 will be unpredictable. So, you should stay cautious. Saturday or Sunday is the best time for casino.


Cancer. Cancers won’t be able to live in grand style in September. The Luck will stubbornly run off the representatives of this sign. Still, this’s for the better! Now you have the opportunity to be prudent and cold-blooded. This allows you to concentrate and achieve well-deserved winnings. Cancers should pay particular attention to the European roulette. Lucky days for them are September 3, 7, 23, and every Tuesday and Wednesday are a chance to win at the casino. September 8th, 11th and 21st are better to refrain from gambling.


Leo. September is even more favourable to the Leos then to any other sign of the Zodiac. They will become not only the most successful players, but amazing mascots for each player around as well. Stars do not predict jackpots at every step, still losses is not seen on the horizon. The best gambling assistants for the Leos will become their unpredictability and spontaneity. Only unreasoned bets will be the most profitable. An extraordinary good fortune awaits Leos 5th, 11th and 12th of September. September 14 will be the most unfavourable date for gambling.


Virgo. For pragmatic and thrifty Virgos September prepared something interesting. For all card games lovers stars predict an exceptionally good time. The main condition is to play only the favourite card games and do not deviate from the planned and familiar strategies. To go with the flow is not for you. It is important to be as focused on the one particular game and do not be distracted by extraneous factors. The most auspicious days for Virgos are 7th and 21st of September. September 8, 9 and 24 are the days when you should better refrain from gambling pleasures and wait for the next weekend, because the weekend is exactly right time for casino.


Libra. In September, you can become an easy prey for unscrupulous speculators, and unfair partners in the game. Libras this month are to listen only to themselves and enjoy everything they do. However, following someone else’s advice and tips may adversely affect not only the result of the game, but your budget as well. Libra should not count on the fabulous wins, still small but frequent gains are likely to appear. Libra’s Happy Days are September 12 and 29; and 7th and 25th of September are really bad for gambling. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can safely go to the casino.


Scorpio. September will delight gambling Scorpions every day and there is no exaggeration.  This fact will make them overactive, and that will bring the desired results. However, Scorpios should be careful with such an energy, because everything is good in its measures. So, in order not to get lost in your own virtual reality, do not overdo it with the bets and a variety of games. It is better to choose the slots or plain card games in September. The Luck will just blind Scorpions with its smile September 7 and 12. Still 15th, 17th and 20th of September will be days of calm. The casino is worth visiting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Sagittarius. Hot September will definitely amaze Sagittarius with its uncertainty and extremes, both in a good and bad ways. Extraordinary mind of this Zodiac sign representatives will help them keep track of, still with the feasible efforts. To get the best results, gambling Sagittarius should abandon high bets and choose the one gambling game that is worth to play. Especially they should abandon experiments. Sagittarius will get his luck 5th, 11th, and 15th, 21st of September are the days of abstinence from gambling interests. The weekends will be the best time for trips to the casino.


Capricorn. September will be fruitful for the representatives of this sign. They will receive a win after win almost effortlessly, and the most important thing at these moments do not overdo. To understand exactly when to stop Capricorn should listen to his intuition. It will tell Capricorns the right way out of any situation. The 9th and 11th of September, representatives of the sign will be in the black, which is alike the September 12 and 18. To make the best win in casino – visit it on Thursdays.


Aquarius. September, gambling, Aquarius – these things are not enough compatible. For an innocent gambling entertainment or infrequent roulette, it may be enough luck, but for the major victories in September, Sagittarius is lack of starry magic. The main thing for the sign representatives is to be the same cold-blooded and prudent, as usual. Favourable autumn days for Aquarius: 11th, 15th, 24th of September. The 21st and 23rd of September is time to give up gambling pans.


Pisces. Gambling activity of Pisces in September will be extremely low, and it concerns practically all spheres of their lives. For better gambling, they should choose the most familiar and simple games, and the best are slots or roulette. Pisces should choose the quietest time for gambling, when no one bothers you and you have the opportunity to focus. The best time for gaming entertainment are 7th, 16th, and 29th of September. While September 15 and 18 are the days to refrain from gambling. Successful trips to the casino will be on Thursdays and Fridays.