Keno 20 out of 80 Rules: Bets and Winning Combinations

Keno is the game coming from Ancient China. Rulers were finding in keno possibilities to fulfill treasures and earn some funds for the country. Moreover funds coming from keno helped to maintain the Chinese army. Keno also helped to build the Great Wall.

In nowadays almost every country utilizes keno rules to arrange some kinds of lotteries. Many US and EU lotteries are based on keno rules. Usually the classic keno lottery (20 out of 80) is used.

Keno: Rules of the Game

Are you wondering how to play keno lottery? – The rules are quite simple. The game is played on the large board which is divided into sections with numbers from 1 to 80. 80 balls are placed into special transparent box or basket. They have got proper numbers. During the each round of the game 20 random balls are taken from the box. Therefore the game is called 20 80 Keno. The goal of each player is to correctly guess numbers of balls.

If you play in demo mode you can try your luck without paying anything. In this case your goal is to get some experience and learn rules of the game. However if you want to have a chance to win real money you have to place your bet and fill in special keno ticket. Bets represent the number of figures you are going to guess. The more numbers you mark (different casinos have different limits, 1-20 or 1-15); the bigger is your bet.

Each selected number is matched with respected ball located in the box. All balls are shuffled. Then 20 of them are taken via special transparent tube. If you guessed right at least one ball, you get your payout. The more numbers are guessed right during one round, the bigger is your payout. Therefore the final payout of each round depends on three key factors: selected quantity of numbers, bet size and quantity of matches.

How to Play Keno Online

It is possible to play Keno lotto online. Let us tell you how to do it. Online keno has got almost the same rules as keno offered by “live” casinos. However there are some differences. Players don’t have to fill in any tickets or forms. Numbers are chosen via clicking on certain fields of the board. Balls are not shuffled (keno number generator does it automatically).

Probability of Winning a Keno Game

How to win at keno 80 numbers? Mathematician and lottery fan Alan Krigman tried to find the answer. He has made some serious researches of keno. He was curious if there is the strategy to win keno games. Classic 20 80 keno lottery gives the house huge advantage (house edge is 65%-75%). Krigman has managed to calculate keno odds and develop the optimal strategy. Probability of winning directly depends on how many numbers were chosen. In other words, how many bets were placed by a player. If a player makes just one bet his odds are 25%. In case of 2 bets odds go up to 38% (6% of winning both bets). If a player makes 3 bets, he will have 43.1% odds of winning (1.4% of winning 1 bet and 13.9% of 2 bets) and so on. It is almost impossible to describe all keno number combinations. You can find out more about the theory of Alan Krigman and common keno numbers in the article Strategy Systems Keno”.