02 February 2018

Vietnam Releases Guidelines Outlining How Their New Casinos Will Be Regulated | News

Vietnam has this week published a document outlining how it intends to regulate its upcoming casino industry. These guidelines show that the government plans to keep a tight control over legalised gambling, and do everything in its power to ensure tax collection is above board. The country recently decided to let locals play in casinos, under certain conditions and as …

02 February 2018

Wynn Macau Thief Arrested but the $6M in Chips Still Not Found | News

A man accused of stealing $6 million in chips from Wynn Casinos in Macau has been arrested, following a two-day search. The 49 year old, named Lei, was taken in alongside his uncle Ho, a security guard which is suspected of being an accomplice. Last Tuesday, to the annoyance of Wynn Casinos and to the delight of anyone who loves …

15 January 2018

Europe’s Largest Casino Complex Heading to Cyprus in 2021 | News

Europe’s largest casino complex is expected to open its doors in 2021 in the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus. A €550 million investment, City of Dreams Mediterranean is expected to bring in €700 million and 300,000 tourists a year to the Cyprus economy, and create 11,000 jobs. A consortium consisting of Hong Kong-based development company Melco and the CNS Group …

15 January 2018

Could a Nasal Spray be the Solution to Gambling Addiction? Finnish Experts Think So | News

Scientists at Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) are getting ready to start a new trial that may change the way people deal with gambling addictions forever. Their experiment will test whether a nasal spray with naloxone, a commonly used opiate reversal drug, can dissipate a compulsive gambler’s urge to play. Naloxone is a drug commonly used to …

04 January 2018

Spanish Christmas Lottery – The 2017 Results | News

Every year, the world’s biggest lottery takes place in the days leading up to Christmas, offering hope and excitement to millions. This is the Spanish Christmas Lottery, known locally as the ‘Loteria de Navidad’ or ‘El Gordo’ (‘the fat one’). The second longest-running lottery in the world, Spain’s Christmas Lottery has the largest payouts of any lottery in the world, …

17 December 2017

UK Lottery Funds for Good Causes Decreases, Camelot Under Scrutiny | News

UK National Lottery operator, Camelot, is being investigated by the government following a National Audit Office (NAO) report which revealed that money being diverted to good causes has decreased despite an overall rise in profits. Camelot’s profits have increased by 122% over a seven-year period, however National Lottery income for good causes has decreased by 15% year-on-year to April. This …

17 December 2017

Australia Has a Poker Machine Problem, says Australia Institute | News

The Australia Institute, a think tank dedicated to researching public policy issues, has published a discussion paper that argues that Australia has a particularly large problem with poker machines compared to the rest of the world. Also known as pokies, the machines have been extremely popular in the country’s pubs and clubs for many years. However, the paper argues that …

17 December 2017

World Series of Poker 2018 Schedule Announced | News

The official schedule for the World Series of Poker 2018 has been released, one day after an unauthorised leak had revealed most of its contents to the media. This year, poker’s biggest event will be bigger than ever, with 78 events taking place throughout almost two months, between May 29th and July 17th. Once again, the venue will be the …

British National Lottery Looks at Introducing ‘Prize for Life’ Amidst Falling Sales
27 November 2017

British National Lottery Looks at Introducing ‘Prize for Life’ Amidst Falling Sales | News

Camelot, the operator of the British National Lottery, has announced that it is looking into new innovations, including a monthly ‘Prize for Life’, in response to consistently falling sales. Other ideas include providing a ‘better winning experience’ for players and allowing players to purchase tickets at supermarket self-checkouts. The British National Lottery is a state-franchised lottery, run by private company …

Are Video Game Loot Boxes Gambling? Investigations Being Launched Across Europe
27 November 2017

Are Video Game Loot Boxes Gambling? Investigations Being Launched Across Europe | News

Anyone who has played a video game in the past few years, from casual mobile apps to major console franchise installments, will be familiar with microtransactions. These have become a mainstay of the gaming industry, providing developers with a new line of continuous revenue beyond initial purchase, and allowing players to unlock extras from new outfits for their characters to …