Best Keno Casinos

Best Keno Casinos

Keno lottery becomes more popular. Almost every online casino offers keno games. Growing popularity of the game is easy to explain. Online keno game is more convenient to play than live keno due to the following reasons:

  • Online keno features relatively high pay rate (90%-95%). Gamblers who prefer to play keno in real casinos can expect just 60%-70% payouts).
  • It Is possible to play keno game online for free. Many online casinos offer demo version. Playing for fun is the great way to learn rules and find the best strategy.
  • When you play internet keno at home you can use charts and other help.
  • You can try different versions of keno including bingo.
  • Many casinos offer to download keno not only on the PC but also on cell phones and tablets.
  • Playing online keno is fast! Balls are shuffled automatically. Players don’t have to wait.
  • Internet keno bets are favorable for beginners and gamblers who can’t afford spending much money.

Anyway it is quite important to take casino selection process seriously. Don’t register at casinos you don’t trust. There are hundreds of gaming sites. Therefore selection of the right place takes time. Be patient with it.

How to Choose a Casino to Play Keno?

We advise you to to make your selection based on the following criteria:

  1.  Reputation of a casino. The more famous the casino is the more reliable it is. You will less likely encounter any problems with payouts.
  2.  Payout rates. It is easy to find out about payout rates. Just click on “Help” or “Games rules” buttons. Highly reputable casinos usually inform players about pay rates.
  3.  Possibility to win progressive jackpot and promotions for keno players. Online keno gives players a chance to win millions of dollars! Therefore availability of progressive keno lotteries is one of the main criteria.
  4.  Developer of casino’s software. Feedback provided by experienced players proves that best keno games are developed by PlayTech and Microgaming. Therefore if you see logos of the listed companies you will definitely enjoy keno.

PlayTech Keno

PlayTech online keno is extremely popular among gamblers. This is one of the leading developers in the world. The Playtech game is known as Fortune Keno. You can play PlayTech’s keno in Europa CasinoCasino Tropezand 888 Casino. Keno fans gather at the online casinos of PlayTech. Bets vary from $1 to $100. It is possible to place bets up to 10 numbers. Gamblers can also select varieties from 1 to 2, from 2 to 4, from 3 to 7, from 4 to 9, from 5 to 10. Max possible winning is $10 000 if you bet $1.There are several useful additional buttons. For instance, you can enjoy free online keno. “Random” button helps players selecting numbers. Buttons “1 game” and “5 game” determines how many rounds you can play without selecting numbers.

888 Casino Keno

You can also play keno game online at 888 Casino. We don’t have any doubts that you will enjoy it here. Well, it is fair to say that 888 Casino keno is the among the best keno net casino games888 features Jackpot 15 machine. This is keno lottery with outstanding graphics, excellent sounds and effects. But the most important advantage of the machine is progressive jackpot. You can hunt for the big score during “crazy keno races” promotion periods. The casino rewards players with numerous prizes and bonuses during the promotion. Therefore real keno fans will definitely visit 888 casino and will play keno online for money here.